Auto Detailing Training Courses & Education to Improve all Aspects of Detailing; Knowledge, Skills, Efficiency, Paint Polishing, & Profitability.


The many forms of paint correction taught by Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare during auto detailing training sessions.


      • Are you frustrated when polishing paint; sometimes feeling lost or over-matched?
      • Want to increase your detailing: efficiency, speed, quality of results, and profit margins?
      • Need to improve your paint correction skills in order to tackle higher profile or higher paying jobs?
      • Interested in learning how to optimally prepare & install a ceramic nano (glass) coating?
      • Are there specific areas you need to improve to confidently raise prices or to become the authority in your area?
      • Searching for Professional Auto Detailing Training that is Completely Customized to YOUR Needs?


Good News, OCDCarCare Los Angeles offers training courses for all aspects of auto detailing.

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OCDCarCare’s Approach to Auto Detailing Training and Education

Auto Detailing Training involves much more than learning how to properly wash a vehicle, pair a machine with a proper pad and liquid combination, or finishing a job on time. Quality detailing begins with a mindset of preparation, knowledge, focus, creativity, and confidence. Once this mindset is developed and adopted, detailers are able to tackle any size project and organize solutions leading to results and workflow procedures which are highly effective, time efficient, and super profitable.

Christopher Brown of is proud to offer Auto Detailing Training Courses in Los Angeles, Ca (* or for travel) to develop the physical skills, and more importantly, the mental aspects of professional auto detailing. Our detailing training classes help you to begin or further your detailing successes — no matter what level you are. All detailers, from seasoned professionals to someone just starting out, can benefit from training which strengthens and widens their skills and knowledge base. We know and understand that by developing the mental muscles of detailing, alongside the physical skills, profitability can greatly rise. This is because the marriage of theoretical and practical knowledge enables detailers to quickly & accurately identify the objectives of a project, and then apply the most efficient solutions, delivering top quality results.


OCDCarCare Los Angeles is committed to providing the most up to date & comprehensive one-on-one or small group, detailing & paint polishing training available.


WHY Choose OCDCarCare for Auto Detailing Training Courses?

While there are many options for detailing training; not all are created equal. OCDCarCare Los Angeles embraces the NXT (iNtense eXtreme Training) Detailing Training philosophy and fundamental concepts developed by Kevin Brown of and Jason Rose of Rupes SpA (formerly of Meguiar’s). At our core, we offer training for the mental and physical skills of paint correction and detailing– plain and simple. We realize education is a continual process, therefore we are committed to helping improve skills and broaden your knowledge base, no matter your experience level. By limiting the size of our training sessions we keep the amount of personalized attention very high. This translates into maximum student learning, improvement, and productivity during training.

OCDCarCare Los Angeles focuses on teaching the ‘how’s, ‘why’s, and skills behind detailing concepts and procedures. For most training sessions, the majority of material is based on grounding students in the concepts and skills associated with techniques, defects, tools, pads, products, and paint systems. This empowers students to understand how the paint is reacting during the correction process, and be able to quickly adjust for the best results on every vehicle. Furthermore, it allows students to use their minds to make every other part of the process: faster, simpler, more efficient, and more profitable.


Learning, based in understanding and refined with focused repetitive practice, leads to true knowledge. Our goal is for true knowledge to become a part of each student’s mindset & detailing process.


Types of Professional Auto Detailing Training Programs Offered by OCDCarCare Los Angeles

OCDCarCare of Los Angles offers a variety of auto detailing training courses for all experience levels. No matter your needs, we can provide training material to help you reach your detailing goals. Common course materials include the following subjects:

      • Paint Correction (Polishing or Buffing)Training for all levels. From no experience to seasoned professional detailer.
      • Vehicle Washing (Waterless & Traditional), Topical Decontamination, and Preparation of Surfaces Prior To Paint Correction
      • Overall Detailing Efficiency: Improve Speed, Results, & help reduce Stress and Strain on the Body.
      • Optimizing set ups: For mobile operations or fixed locations, ensuring maximum quality, productivity, & speed.
      • Working with business owners to refine or develop and implement workflows and procedures for employees.
      • Detailing Training for New or Established Employees for Mobile or Fixed Location Business Models.
      • Ceramic Nano Coating (Glass Coating) Preparation, Application, and Maintenance Procedures.
      • Detailing Business Model Auditing and Consulting
      • Completely customized training programs, based on the unique needs of business owners.


Education is an Ongoing Passion of Christopher Brown and OCDCarCare Los Angeles

Helping people learn the theories and techniques of detailing is a calling of Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles. This has lead him to write many detailing articles and create the OCDCarCare’s Detailing Article Archive. This collection of articles serves as a resource to educate the general public, as well as the detailing industry, on the most effective detailing and car care practices.

Christopher was honored to be chosen by Kevin Brown of to be the lead assistant at NXT West 2015 in Irvine, Ca and NXT East 2015 in Baltimore, MD. OCDCarCare Los Angeles has also been fortunate to work on vehicles for the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance and the Quail in 2014 – 2016, as well as various projects for Meguiar’s, Gas Monkey Garage, and for SEMA in 2013 and 2015. Christopher has trained and worked alongside many of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and most specialized detailers in America. As a result, he has obtained a very broad and far reaching knowledge base which is available to all students.


Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles points out some finer micro marring during Paint Correction Detailing Training with Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC.

Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles points out some finer micro marring during Paint Correction Detailing Training at NXT East 2015 in Baltimore Maryland.


OCDCarCare Los Angeles’s – Auto Detailing Training and Educational Philosophy

A main focus of our professional auto detailing training courses revolves around the one-on-one or very small group training. As a result, OCDCarCare invests the necessary time to understand each individual student. This is why we cater material to their personalized needs and wants. We make it a point to understand each person outside their detailing knowledge. This is critical because a student’s personality and demeanor are a key to understanding how to best present them with information which they can easily digest.

Finding the main motivation for each individual enables OCDCarCare Los Angeles to most quickly and effectively instruct each student. We understand everyone has a different experience level, skill set, and mental approach to auto detailing. As a result, we take the time to understand how each person: learns, speaks, processes information, and performs tasks. By analyzing the person, we find the best method of connecting with and then imparting knowledge to each student. We know individualized communication and curriculum is, far and away, the most effective way to help individuals make personal breakthroughs in their learning.


OCDCarCare Los Angeles offers detailing training courses on paint correction & general detailing to teache students how to best use their mental muscles to make the physical aspect of detailing easier and faster.

Auto Detailing Training by OCDCarCare Los Angeles teaches the mental approach of evaluating situations to ensure the best, safest, and fastest results.


OCDCarCare believes students should strive to push themselves beyond their comfort zone during auto detailing training. Because learning outside the boundaries of personal knowledge leads to the greatest growth and breakthroughs.


How Auto Detailing Training Course Sessions Typically Work

The process begins with an initial discovery phone call. This discussion uncovers a student’s background knowledge, experience, motivations, and overall educational goals, outlining the main topics covered during training sessions. Students are required to bring a notebook with them to training. This way students can keep track of notes, specific questions, or any other detailing concepts or issues they wish covered during their training. Equipment and products will be supplied for the session. However, students may bring their own specialized machines if they wish to work on these skills during a training session.

On the first day of instruction, OCDCarCare Los Angeles presents a real world test scenario to each student.

After observing this initial test, and then talking to each individual afterward, the entire focus of the remaining training sessions are further customized to meet the individual needs or goals of that student. This single test will allow OCDCarCare a proper understanding of the student’s: communication, physical skills, product & tool knowledge, and mental understanding of detailing processes.

Depending on the students experience level, training is performed on test panels or on actual vehicles. The vast majority of the time, an actual vehicle is used to best simulate real world conditions.


Auto Detailing Training Courses Based on Individual Needs and Goals

Training programs range anywhere from 2-5 days. In addition, all courses can be completely customized to individual needs or situations. Please feel free to inquire about training on subjects not listed here. The extent and length of training courses are completely dependent on student goals, experience, and the inner drive to improve. Typically, the best training results are achieved with a minimum of 2-3 consecutive days of training, allowing for optimal knowledge and procedural gains. Training sessions last anywhere from 8-9 hours each day. During each session, the material is constantly adapting to address areas most crucial to helping students make the biggest breakthroughs. This is done to best support and meet the individualized goals of each student as stated prior to training.

(* for detailing training outside Los Angles, Ca, trainees will assume all of OCDCarCare’s travel & lodging expenses)

[* a 33% non-refundable deposit is required to book all Detailing Training Courses]


Christopher Brown of was fortunate to be the lead assistant for all of NXT West 2015 & NXT East 2015. The video below @:57 Christopher speaks about the value of training the mental muscles of detailing which influence all aspects of paint correction and auto detailing.




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