CQuartz FINEST – Ceramic Automotive Paint Coating – Provides Long Term Beauty, Protection & Ease of Maintenance




OCDCarCare provides Los Angeles Premium Detailing Services for Paint Correction & Glass Nano Coatings.


Want your vehicle to glow with a profound aura, turning heads, and have:  


► A Stunning Finish…   showcasing vibrant color, increased clarity, extreme gloss, & ridiculous reflectivity?

► Increased UV & Scratch Resistance; which traditional waxes and sealants cannot provide?

 Ease of Washing/Maintenance. Wash your vehicle easier and faster! Watch as contaminants & water literally sheet off the surface during vehicle washing?

► A Durable Protective Barrier. Offering protection from: UV, bird bombs, water spots, bug splatters, acid rain, and chemical fallot?

► A Dust & Contaminant Resistant Surface. From dirt, brake dust, road tar, or other topical contaminants bonding to your paint?

► A 2 year warranty; assuring peace of mind behind the installation & performance of the protective ceramic nano coating?


CQuartz FINEST Glass Paint Coating protects paint from environmental contaminants & increases scratch resistance.


If you answered YES to any of the above then . . .


CQuartz FINEST Automotive Ceramic Nano Coating is your paint solution!


CQuartz FINEST is a long-term ceramic (or ‘glass’) nano coating which bonds directly to the vehicles surface, creating a super glossy, highly durable, more scratch resistant, contaminant resistant, and water sheeting barrier.  The advanced nano technology allows this protective coating to repel dust and water ~80% better than traditional waxes and sealants, meaning the car will stay glossier, cleaner, and sexier– longer. Furthermore, Finest becomes the vehicles new and more protective outer on top of the clear coat, protecting vehicle surfaces from the many rigors of daily driving and the environment. A happy benefit of protection is the ease of maintenance and the additional beauty which the coating provides to the surface. Most noteworthy; all of these benefits are guaranteed for a MINIMUM of 2 years.

The CQuartz FINEST Treatment can only be installed accompanying a vigorous and thorough preparation and refinement of a vehicle’s surface to a highly refined level. Therefore,  paint correction is a non-negotiable condition of the Authorized Installer agreement. As a result, CarPro USA (the single distributor of Cquartz Finest) requires Authorized Detailers to ONLY apply FINEST on vehicles displaying top tier paint condition. OCDCarCare Los Angeles has been fully vetted and certified by CarPro USA to install CQuartz Finest.


The OCDCarCare CQuartz Finest Treatment Process:

  • (Steps 1-4) A rigorous full exterior cleanse; including a complete paint decontamination ( above and below surface contaminants).
    (Steps 5-8) All painted surfaces receive 2-3 separate phases of paint correction. This means paint looks, feels, shines, and reflects better than ever before.
    (Steps 9-14+) Paint is carefully & thoroughly prepared to a surgically clean state in order to obtain optimal bonding when applying 2 layers, or more (depending on level of gloss and protection desired) of CQuartz FINEST Ceramic Nano Coating.


The OCDCarCare Los Angeles CQuartz FINEST Treatment is typically a 4-6 day process. Days 1-3 are dedicated to improving the look and condition of your vehicle’s surfaces. Finally, days 4-6 allow for fine tuning and for the vehicle to cure in a controlled environment, ensuring the finish obtains maximum gloss, color, clarity, and reflectivity. ** Add an additional day if opting to beautify & protect wheels, calipers, and wheel wells with a full Wheels off Coating Service.



Many OCDCarCare Los Angeles clients have found great value & joy in coating their wheels for beauty, protection, and superior ease of maintenance.