OCDCarCare’s Belief, Approach, & Service Philosophy 


At OCDCarCare Los Angeles, our Philosophy is simple: To incite or renew motorsport enthusiasm by uncovering the inner beauty of each vehicle, communicating each owner’s individuality to the world .


OCDCarCare’s service philosophy & automotive finish solutions focus on the belief that a vehicle is more than just metal and rubber; it is a living breathing extension of the owner, expressing to the world who we are as individuals. To cultivate this distinct individuality, all vehicles are initially inspected alongside owners, ensuring that OCDCarCare crafts a unique and comprehensive detailing solution best suited for your wants, vehicle needs, and lifestyle.

We realize everyone is unique and therefore, we believe, their personal car care services should reflect this! We understand and strive to fulfill all of your preferences. So we encourage all customers to tell us exactly what you like and what gets on your last nerve when left undone. We have them too, believe us!

OCDCarCare Los Angeles’ believes that a service philosophy must require and approach and processes of preservation & protection for all vehicle surfaces. We perform processes to uncover the inner beauty of your vehicle and then MAINTAIN that beautiful condition for years to come. This is why OCDCarCare only uses the finest products, most precisaion tools, and exacting processes to care for your vehicle. We service all types of owners and vehicles: anything from daily commuter cars to Classic Vintage Cars at the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. OCDCarCare has the same mindset for all vehicles–to transform owners into glowing proud new parents after our services are completed!

Our services and customer service, like parenting, extend for the life of vehicle ownership. OCDCarCare welcomes and encourages any questions you may have about vehicle care, products, cleaning methods, etc. We want to provide any assistance or advice on anything car care related, so please feel free to contact us ANYTIME, 24/7 via email. We love speaking with fellow passionate vehicle lovers and enthusiasts so questions are welcome. C’mon, don’t be timid, ASK AWAY!


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