Auto Detailing Articles by Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles


These Auto Detailing Articles discuss a wide array of topics including: techniques, tools, technology, and project & event reviews such as SEMA, NXT, or Pebble Beach.


Quick FYI. Since this is OCDCarCare, the following auto detailing articles run longer than most found on the web. We TRY to write articles of varying lengths, but often times fail miserably. The length is a function of trying to provide the most relevant information possible for those seeking in-depth detailing knowledge. We hope you enjoy :).


Phantom Water Spots Appearance After Ceramic Coating Application : An Explanation & Removal Procedure. – Understanding How Water Spots Appear After Automotive Paint Coating Application and How to Defeat them.


Surface Tension: A Discussion of Wax, Ceramic Paint Coatings, and Beyond in Auto Detailing. – Practical and scientific info explaining the function and performance characteristics of waxes and coatings. A critical auto detailing concept with a vital role in the protection, performance, & maintenance of ceramic (glass) nano coatings & waxes.


Proper Car Wash Technique: Gentle Yet Effective Car Care – with Video Demo! – Want to learn how to most effectively wash your car while preserving the finish? Understand surface cleaning procedures in order to ensure your vehicle gets a deep, yet gentle cleansing.


Regular Car Washing: How Often Should I Wash my Car? Ever wonder how to tell when it is time to wash your car? Learn about the 5 Dirty Car Factors which can help you determine if its car wash time or not.


NXT Detailing Training Overview: Automotive Sanding & Polishing Techniques – A glimpse into the materials, training style, philosophy, and instructors that make Kevin Brown & Meguiar’s NXT Detailing Training the most sought after course in the world for automotive paint correction techniques; both fundamental and advanced.


Cleaning Microfiber Towels for Auto Detailing: The Most Effective Method– An examination of why Washing Microfiber Towels is essential to a detailers tool chest and workflow; including in-depth instructions on how to effectively wash and maintain all microfiber towels and cleaning media in both top loading and HE washing machines.


Common Auto Detailing Paint Defects: A List to Assist Paint Correction – A listing of the most common automotive paint defect types, providing their source, type (topical or below surface), and most probable remedy of correction.


Detailing Industry Spotlight: Kevin Brown of– Industry Profile, highlighting the contributions Kevin Brown, of, has made imparting knowledge, skill training, and wisdom to individual enthusiast and professional detaliers alike, which will be his legacy to the detailing industry as a whole.


OCDCarcare at The 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance – Collaborating with Scott Nichols of Distinct Detail, a former racing 1956 Maserati 150S was thoroughly prepared to wow the crowd on the lawn at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance.


Witchcraft – The Last Functional B-24J Bomber Gets Some Love and Respect From Dedicated Auto Detailers – A group of 17 local southern California detailers donate their labor and time to help detail and preserve a storied war plane’s place in history.


Wet Sanding Master Class – Instruction from a True Artist: Jason Killmer – The Phantom Polisher – The Master of Show Car Wet Sanding provides instruction and some tricks of the trade in a review of his intensive sanding and polishing processes. THIS is taking detailing to ANOTHER level hardly seen before! The article also includes information on Jason Killmer’s color sanding courses and his JK Sanding Blocks.


Lighting For Paint Correction in Auto Detailing: The Essential Concepts – An examination of lighting for paint correction; examining how the characteristics of light greatly influence paint correction results.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 7 – Paint Aptitude – The last installment in the series discusses how PAINT APTITUDE. ties everything together by understanding the many technologies and processes behind the steps of paint correction can lead the educated detailer to work more effectively & efficiently.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 6 – Working Section Size – Part 6/7 examines how the size of a WORKING SECTION during paint polishing can affect the entire paint correction process.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 5 – Arm Speed – Part 5/7 delves into how ARM SPEED can play a major factor in the rate of defect removal.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 4 – Machine Speed – Installment 4/7 investigates how MACHINE SPEED settings play an intricate role in contributing toward correcting paint defects.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 3 – Pad Cleanliness – Part 3/7 examines a CRITICAL [yet often overlooked] ELEMENT of Polishing– PAD CLEANLINESS. Discover how a clean pad may be THE MOST VITAL aspect in creating quality results during compounding and polishing.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 2 – Pad Pressure – Part 2/7 part series examines the contribution which PAD PRESSURE plays during the paint correction process.


The Fundamental Variables of Paint Polishing: Pt 1 – Intro + Pad Angle – This 7 part series discusses the critical variables which directly impact the results of machine polishing automotive paint. Part one introduces the series and examines how PAD ANGLE affects the paint correction process during detailing.


OCDCarCare on the Meguiar’s/Ford Car Care Team at SEMA 2013 – Follows OCDCarCare’s experience working on the prestigious Meguiar’s Car Care Team in the Ford booth at SEMA. And chronicles the experience of working alongside some of the world’s best and most knowledgeable detailing minds while trying to prep and maintain 50+ vehicles for the biggest trade show in the automotive world!


Quick Detailer & Waterless Wash Defined: Uses & Role in Car Care & Auto Detailing  – Examines the important role and uses of quick detailer spray as well as waterless washes & rinseless washes in a detailer’s arsenal.


The Magic of Microfiber for Auto Detailing – Delves into the vital importance microfiber plays in modern detailing by discussing the composition, construction, and various uses for the most common type of MICROFIBER TOWELS in detailing and car care.



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