Ammo NYC Podcast: Best Auto Detailing Lighting w/ Larry Kosilla & Kevin Brown

Episode #38

Ammo NYC Podcast Episode 38: Larry Kosilla, Kevin Brown, and Christopher Brown Discuss Auto Detailing Lighting Techniques

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The Impact of Proper Lighting in Auto Detailing

Proper lighting is critical tool for all auto detailers. It is even more vital to those who polish automotive surfaces to remove defects, restoring finishes to better than showroom condition.

Lighting directly impacts: job estimates, actual labor hours, procedures used, and quality of finished results– to name a few areas.

The concept is so essential and cannot be avoided.

In short, if someone cannot see imperfections or defects, in or on automotive paint and surfaces, then they cannot accurately evaluate them for improvement or removal.

History of Auto Detailing Lighting Information Prior to The Podcast

While it may seem very obvious that proper lighting is crucial to results in paint polishing and ceramic coating application, there wasn’t hardly anyone talking about it before 2014. And there definitely wasn’t an educational resource designed specifically for detailers to learn about lighting as it applies to their craft.

Therefore, in late 2013 and into early 2014, wrote and published a long-form article entitled: Detailing Lighting Explained: Why Proper Lighting is Critical to Proper Paint Poilishing.

This was the culmination of a deep dive which spanned many months of research. The article explains how light functions and then applies the relevant concepts to Paint Polishing a.k.a. Paint Correction or Buffing.

In episode #38 of the Ammo NYC D+P Podcast; Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC, Kevin Brown (no relation) of, and myself, Christopher Brown of, discuss the importance of lighting in auto detailing.

We dig into the aspects of lighting which are most critical and relevant specific to paint correction. These universal lighting characteristics are fundamentally important to all detailers who wish to produce the highest quality results.

I view this interview (conversation) as an extension of the original article.

And, while there is much more to lighting than the article and the podcast can cover, I believe this podcast allows people (detailers) to get a better overall grasp on the concept and importance of lighting.

Main Topics of Podcast Discussion:

  • Lighting to Emulate Sunlight
  • The Aspects of Paint Polishing Which Lighting Heavily Influences
  • Best Color Temperature of Light to View Defects
  • Exploring The Type of Light Bulb Technology & Characteristics to Best Display Defects
  • Why MORE Light Isn’t Always the Answer
  • Methods to Adjust or Manipulate Lighting in order to Best View Defects

I hope you enjoy our conversation and pick up some valuable auto detailing lighting info along the way.


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