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Detailing Business Owner Seeking TRUE Results ONLY! ► No Empty Promises.

Learn Skills & Strategies to Set Your Business Apart

Training Sessions Designed for Individuals

FIRST: We Learn About  YOU!

Our Training process begins with an in-depth phone discussion(s) to understand where your’e at in your detailing journey, uncover your training goals, and to determine if you are a fit for our program.

We Need to Learn About Your Background:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Motivations
  • Overall Training & Business Goals

This outlines the main areas covered during your training sessions.

Why do we learn about you?

Because If we don’t KNOW YOU — We CAN’T TEACH YOU!

Course Format

Courses are a Combination of In-depth Theory combined with Intense Hands-on Training.

On the first day each attendee takes a real world test. This allows a proper understanding of each student’s: experience, communication, product & tool knowledge, physical skills, and mental understanding of detailing processes.

The test allows OCDCarCare to customize the teaching style to best fit each INDIVIDUAL Student.

Students MUST bring a new dedicated notebook for course notes. Detailed training notes become an invaluable future knowledge resource.

Equipment and Products are supplied for training sessions.

All training is performed on actual vehicles, simulating real world conditions.

 Detailing Training Course Topics

The many forms of paint correction taught by Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare during auto detailing training sessions.

Auto Detailing Training Classes are Available for all Experience Levels.

However, OCDCarCare Detailing Programs are best suited for Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level Detailers. Since courses dive into great depth, detailers who already possess an understanding of basic detailing concepts and techniques have consistently demonstrated the largest growth & improvement.

Courses include a mixture of topics to help students reach their detailing goals. The most popular training topics include:

  • Paint Correction (Polishing) Training. Quality, Efficiency, & Approaches.
  • Simple & Efficient Vehicle Wash Methods, Topical Decontamination, & Other Surface Preps.
  • Overall Process Efficiency: Improve Speed, Results, and Reduce Stress & Strain on the Body
  • Optimizing Set Ups: (Fixed Locations or Mobile Operations) Ensuring Maximum Quality, Productivity, & Speed.
  • Employee Procedures: Working with Owners to Develop, Refine, & Implement Staff Workflows.
  • Training New or Established Employees: Mobile or Fixed Location Business Models.
  • Ceramic Nano Coating (Glass Coating) Preparation, Application, & Maintenance Procedures.
  • Managing the Business Side of Detailing: Employee & Inventory Mgmt. Scheduling.
  • Sales & Marketing: Pricing, Customer Acquisition, Marketing, Sales Process, Talking to Clients, Etc.
  • Auto Detailing Business Model Auditing and Consulting
  • Completely Customized Training Programs— Based on the Unique Needs of Businesses.

Programs Based on Individual Needs and Goals
Training programs last from 3-7 days. The length of detailing training programs and topics covered depend on individual student goals, knowledge, experience, and situation. Please ask about any training subjects not listed.

Best Improvements Occur with a Minimum of 3-4 Days of Training.

Sessions last 9-10 hours daily. Material adapts to attendee’s needs and learning speed, allowing the biggest knowledge and skill breakthroughs.

Serious Auto Detailing Training for Serious Detailers

Push YOUR Business Knowledge, Skills, Efficiency, & Profitability to New Heights.


    • Immediate Actionable Knowledge
    • High Quality Work to be PROUD of
    • High Efficiency Workflow Procedures
    • Physical Skills & Procedures to Tackle All Scenarios
    • Confidence to Tackle High End Projects
    • Mental Strategies to Approach Problems
    • The Highest Hourly Profits

These Traits ^ ^ ATTRACT The Best Clients for the Highest Paying Jobs. 

This is NOT a Big Group SEMINAR Style Detailing Training Class — that’s Actually A Disguised Sales Pitch for Chemicals, Tools, with On-Going Member Costs & Fees!


We ONLY Want to Work With Serious Professionals (or those striving to be) for SERIOUS IMPROVEMENT.

WHY? Because SERIOUS PEOPLE are MOTIVATED and COMMITTED to IMPROVEMENT. They understand lost time = lost money and increased frustration for clients, business owners, and employees. 

Who wants to work with unmotivated people who waste everyone’s time and effort?  —NOBODY

If You’re Ready to Commit Yourself to Business Improvement with Knowledge and Work — You’re in the Right Place.


Improvement and Excellence REALLY Is This Simple and Attainable– IF YOU Follow the Magic Recipe!

… Good Ole’ Fashioned WORK ETHIC and EFFORT!

We Understand YOUR Detailing Business Frustrations

Have Any of These Internal Thoughts, Frustrations, or Concerns:

  • Paint Polishing; Sometimes Feeling Lost or Over-matched…
  • Wanting to Increase Detailing: Efficiency, Speed, Work Quality, and Profit Margins?
  • Needing to Raise Work Quality or Confidence to Tackle High Profile Jobs?
  • How Do I Learn to Optimally Prepare & Install Ceramic Nano (glass) Coatings?
  • How Do We Improve Our Skills to Confidently Raise Prices or Become a Local Authority?
  • How Do I Train my Employees or Establish Practical & Efficient Workflow Procedures. 
  • Where Do I Find Professional Auto Detailing Training Customized to MY BUSINESS NEEDS?

UNDERSTAND HOW TO Tackle Problems & Prevent Unknown Challenges – BEFORE they Occur.

The SERIOUS Nuts & Bolts of OCDCarCare Training Courses

Quality Auto Detailing Requires a Mindset of Preparation, Focus, and Confidence.

IT ALL STARTS with KNOWLEDGE as the Foundation!

Understanding tools, products, procedures, defects, and goals for each detailing project are the keys to quality, efficiency, profitability, and success.

Detailers using this approach can tackle any project: organizing solutions, results, and workflow procedures which are: highly effective, time efficient, and super profitable.


Detailers SERIOUS about advancing their knowledge, skills, and business progress.

We help and teach all detailers: from seasoned professionals to DIY enthusiast hobbyists.

Our in-depth courses are best suited for intermediate to advanced detailers with the grasp of basic detailing knowledge & skills with some previous experience.


Developing the mental muscles of detailing, WITH practical hands-on physical skills.


Our professional classes revolve around one-on-one or very small group training. We invest the time to understand YOU to find the best teaching style best suited to YOUR Needs.

Individualized Communication & Curriculum– THE MOST effective teaching for learning breakthroughs. Because everyone has different experience levels, skill sets, life background, and mental approach to learning.



Actionable Training of In-depth Knowledge, Skills, Procedures, and Business Insights. This training method enables high quality and efficient work and the ability to effectively troubleshoot and overcome Detailing challenges. These traits allow top level detailers to quickly and accurately identify project goals and to apply efficient solutions, delivering the best results with the highest profits.

(*) [**] Training is available in Los Angeles and beyond.

(* for detailing training outside Los Angles, CA, trainees will assume all OCDCarCare travel & lodging expenses)
[** 33% non-refundable deposit is required to book all Detailing Training Courses]

WHY OCDCarCare for Auto Detailing Training Classes?

We EMPOWER Detailers to Understand the ‘How’s + ‘Why’s + Skills of Detailing Skills, Concepts, & Procedures.

Students Learn HOW the of Power Their Mind Makes Detailing:

  • Faster
  • Simpler
  • More Efficient
  • Higher Quality
  • More Profitable
OCDCarCare Los Angeles offers detailing training courses on paint correction & general detailing to teache students how to best use their mental muscles to make the physical aspect of detailing easier and faster.

OCDCarCare Auto Detailing Training teaches the mental approach of evaluating situations to ensure the best, safest, and fastest results.

Limited Training Class Size = Maximum Time for : 1-on-1 Instruction, Learning, & Improvement.

Traditionally, auto detailing education has been taught as a simple formula. Do this in this situation. Use X pad with Y compound.

What happens when basic approaches don’t work? OR what if a product runs out?

THIS is where in-depth knowledge of situation, variables, tools, product technology, and procedure enables detailers to find solutions. Knowledge + Skills is the only formula to maximize quality, efficiency, speed, and profitability.

OCDCarCare Los Angeles embraces the NXT Detailing Training philosophy developed by Kevin Brown of and Jason Rose of Rupes SpA.


Education & Knowledge are our ONLY Concern for Students.

Training is NOT a gateway to sell products or machines. There are no hidden or ongoing group fees. Our ONLY goal is maximum knowledge and improvement for each student — PERIOD.

Educating Detailers: Christopher Brown’s Calling

Teaching the theories and techniques of detailing is a calling of Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles. This inspired many long-form articles, educating car care enthusiasts and detailers on effective auto detailing theories and practices.

OCDCarCare has prepared vehicles for many prestigious events including: the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance and The Quail in 2014-2016, special projects for Meguiar’s, Gas Monkey Garage, and SEMA (2013 & 2015). In 2015, Christopher joined Kevin Brown of as the lead assistant for NXT West and NXT East. Christopher has trained and worked alongside industry leaders and many highly specialized detailers in America. As a result, his diverse and far reaching knowledge base is available to all students.

Since 2014, Christopher has traveled extensively around the US, helping hundreds of detailers improve their detailing knowledge, skills, and confidence. Teaching is a fun, creative, and challenging outlet which allows Christopher to help people improve their way of life through their businesses. 

The evolution of Christopher’s detailing journey paired with his personal skills and talents drew him into education. In his words; “I love teaching more than anything else in the auto detailing industry. The personal and professional satisfaction of helping detailers improve greatly outweighs ANY Finished vehicle– 11 times out of 10!” 

OCDCarCare provides the most current & comprehensive one-on-one or small group paint polishing, and detailing training classes available.

Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare was the lead assistant for NXT West 2015 & NXT East 2015. The video below @ 0:57 Christopher speaks about training the mental muscles of detailing which influence all aspects of auto detailing.

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