Why OCDCarCare?  – Los Angeles Best Auto Detailing & Car Care Solution


our motto quickly says it all…


Beauty. Craftsmanship. Service.


Everything we do aligns with these principals, forming an unmatched vehicle transformation along with a lasting customer appreciation.

OCDCarCare Los Angeles focuses on permanent solutions for each & every vehicle, taking the time and effort to get it right the first time. Otherwise… what’s the point? As consumers ourselves, we believe people prefer their problems solved– period. People intensely resent & regret short term band-aids that later create a bigger and more costly mess of time, money, headache, and stress when they fail. This is where we come in.

Once you’ve handed us your keys, all we want is for you to be excited for pick-up, knowing she’s gonna paint the roadways green with envy.

OCDCarCare distinguishes itself amidst a sea of choices in Los Angeles by focusing on one project at a time. So when your vehicle is scheduled, it’s the only project we are working on! Channeling our core set of founding principles fuels our passions and drives our craftsmanship for each and every project we undertake.


Founded on the principles of :

Best Techniques,

Premium Products & Tools,

Constantly Expanding our Skills & Knowledge Base,

And the Mindset of Always Improving our Client Services;


OCDCarCare proves that quality craftsmanship and old fashioned customer service work toward one goal: customer happiness.


► The Story: How we came to service stunning vehicles & the most appreciative and devoted clients in Los Angeles

OCDCarCare Los Angeles was founded by Christopher Brown. His passion for personal car care transformed into a business of revitalizing vehicle surfaces while renewing customers love for their vehicles. This deep drive to bring out the unlocked beauty of each car, along with rejuvenated a sense of pride and happiness of vehicle ownership; inspires a continual dedication of honing his craftsmanship and serving customers with old fashioned service standards.


 OCDCarCare’s Philosophy/Mantra is simple: Beauty. Craftsmanship. Service.

Our Mission: to uncover the inner beauty of each vehicle while communicating to the world the unique message of individuality each owner possesses.


This philosophy has allowed us to work on many amazing and prestigious projects for: SEMA (with Ford/Meguiar’s – 2013 & 2015), The Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance (2014 & 2015), Gas Monkey Garage, and various special projects for Meguiar’s. No matter the vehicle, at OCDCarCare we pour all of our pride, knowledge, and focused concentration into each and every vehicle entrusted to us. The quality of our services shines through in every facet of every project we undertake. We know no other way to operate a business in which customers entrust us with their prized toys they might never let anyone else drive.

OCDCarCare Los Angeles received its namesake for good reason! We firmly believe there is no better option to entrust your vehicle to. Our service offerings feature a unique system of care designed to revitalize each vehicle to the potential you deserve and beyond. Our Auto Detailing & Car Care Article Archive features in-depth articles about many things detailing related, reflecting the depth and level of focus we use to tackle all endeavors. In short, we ‘obsess’ because its necessary. You wouldn’t want your surgeon tweeting during your operation, nor would you want your lawyer billing you for the hours he watched Monday Night Football. Similarly, if you wanted someone going through the motions on your vehicle you would take it to your local car wash and get a ‘detail’ in 90 minutes. We share your vehicle enthusiasm; because whats more fun and rewarding than driving a beautiful vehicle?!?!?

Since our passion turned into a business, you will immediately know that this is an ‘obsession of fun’ for us. Enjoyable, serious craftsmanship, with a bit of fun is how we view and approach every vehicle we care for. We take the time to know every last detail surrounding car care from the chemical composition of car soap, to the fiber density of microfiber towels, to the pH balance of interior cleaners. This ENSURES every vehicle receives gentle and unique care to uncover its full potential, creating complete customer confidence once you’ve handed us the keys.

While we still get excited and drool over vehicles daily. At OCDCarCare we prize our knowledge, skills, and customer service above all else. We continually seek out new methods to refining our craft both in craftsmanship and customer service. Participating in, while also providing private training with many of the industry’s top professionals is a key focus for us, allowing us to access a wealth of information. Also, we perform rigorous product testing for prominent brands before products are released. This keeps our minds sharp and ahead of the curve so we may serve clients better.


Ultimately, OCDCarCare Los Angeles exists to transform every vehicle which will put an enthusiastic huge child-like grin on the owner’s face.

We look forward to that big smile when you look over your refinished vehicle, helping to add a sense of pride to something you spend so much time in. Afterall, you’re paying for that ride, might as well enjoy every second of it.


While this may seem a bold claim, we firmly believe we are Los Angeles Best Detailing Solution for all of your vehicle needs.


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OCDCarCare features the finest products and tools to uncover the inner beauty of every vehicle such as:


OCDCarCare - Los Angeles Best Detailing Solution, - Proudly uses Meguiars professional detailing products for Paint Correction.     OCDCarCare, Los Angeles Best Detailing Solution, uses the finest polishers made by Rupes for all Paint Corrections.

OCDCarCare proudly offers CarPro products to meet the varied needs of vehicle surfaces.- Pasadena Los Angeles Orange County, Ca   OCDCarCare Los Angles uses QCuartz Ceramic Nano Paint Coatings for long lasting surface protection.


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