Ceramic Nano Coating Svcs

Long Term Beauty, Protection & Ease of Maintenance For YOUR Vehicle


Want your vehicle to glow, turn heads, and have:  

  • A Stunning Finish? Show your vehicle’s vibrant deep color, extreme gloss, & ridiculous reflectivity.
  • Increased UV & Scratch Resistance? Traditional waxes and sealants are ineffective compared to modern technology…
  • Ease of Washing/Maintenance. Wash your vehicle easier and faster! Water and contaminants literally fall off the surface while washing.
  • A Durable Protective Barrier? Enhanced Protection from: harmful UV rays, bird bombs, water spots, bug splatters, acid rain, and chemical fallout.
  • Dust & Contaminant Resistant? From dirt, brake dust, road tar, or other topical contaminants bonding to and harming your paint.

If you answered YES to any of the above then . . .

Ceramic Coatings are YOUR Vehicle Surface Solution!

OCDCarCare’s Ceramic Nano Coating Treatment:  

Ceramic nano coating (a.k.a. ‘glass coating’) chemistry bonds directly to vehicle surfaces, granting great durability and a wide spectrum of protection never seen before in car care. This long-term barrier also adds a super glossy, highly durable, more scratch resistant, contaminant resistant surface. The chemistry of 21st century nano coating technology also repels dust and water from the surface making vehicle stay cleaner longer and easier to clean than ever before.

In short, after a ceramic nano coating service automobiles will stay glossier, cleaner, and sexier– longer. Ceramic Coatings make vehicle washing maintenance easier and faster while adding additional beauty to the surface. Most noteworthy; @ OCDCarCare our coatings have a MINIMUM durability of 3 years.

Ceramic Nano Coatings are only installed after a thorough refinement of a vehicle’s surfaces. We want to ensure your vehicle has maximum coating durability, enhanced color, almost blinding gloss, and great reflectivity. Therefore, paint correction is a non-negotiable condition of our installations. This makes for vehicles that display top tier paint condition.

What Are Ceramic Nano Coatings?  

  • (Steps 1-4) A rigorous full exterior cleanse; including a complete paint decontamination.
  • (Steps 5-8) All painted surfaces receive 2-3 separate phases of paint correction. Paint looks, feels, shines, and reflects better than ever before.
  • (Steps 9-14+) Paint is carefully & thoroughly prepared to a surgically clean state to obtain optimal bonding for the Ceramic Coating.

The OCDCarCare Los Angeles Ceramic Nano Coating Treatment is typically a 3-5 day process. Days 1-3 improve the look and condition of your vehicle’s surfaces. Finally, days 3-5 allow for fine tuning and for the vehicle to cure in a controlled environment, ensuring the finish obtains maximum gloss, color, clarity, and reflectivity.

Give Your Vehicle Distinctive Style and Protection Today:


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