2012 VW Golf R – Multi Phase Paint Correction & Ceramic Nano Coating

2012 Golf R - San Marino, Ca. Multi Phase Paint Correction & CQuartz Finest - full service detail - - www.ocdcarcare.com - info@ocdcarcare.com - (949) 427-1191

– San Marino, Ca – Los Angeles County

     This particular client is a car designer, therefore it is a given he is OBSESSED with his ride. And by OBSESSED i mean he draws anywhere from 50-100 sketches of cars a week, makes clay models and does computer renderings. So suffice it to say he combs over every detail of his car with a microscope. So much so that he would rather have a tuned out car than a nice living space! We got to talking and decided that his baby needed to be treated correctly after a year of ownership.

For that perfect shiny-just-been-waxed-look we agreed on a multi phase paint correction and finishing the car with a Protective Ceramic  Paint Coating. This will allow the car to look its best at all times and will add a secondary layer of protection, basically like another clear coat, that will keep the vehicle’s paint protected and looking its best for years to come. His paint was filled with a medium amount of spider web swirl marks, so we decided on the winning combination of a Multi Phase paint correction w/ a protective paint coating. He had also just ordered new wheels and tires so they would be coated as well….BUT for you gear heads here are the specs… he is active on some VW forums:

  • Stage 2+ 2.0L 4 cyl
  • K04 Turbo 320 AWHP 330ft/lbs at the wheels
  • APR Stage 2+ ECU tune
  • Neuspeed P-Flow Intake
  • Neuspeed Underdrive Pulley 
  • PR High Pressure Fuel Pump 
  • PR Full Turboback Exhaust
  • VWRacing Springs
  • Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar
  • VMR V710 19×8.5″ et45
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35/19


The Golf R underwent a thorough wash, completely covering the car in foam, encapsulating the dirt and topical grime, then it was rinsed and re-foamed before washing the car.

Afterward, a full topical decontamination was performed using IronX on the wet vehicle to remove any embedded ferrous-iron particle buildup from within the paint’s pores.

Next the entire vehicle was clay bared, including the exterior glass, to remove any topically embedded environmental contaminants, industrial fallout, road film, and over-spray.

This Golf R has incredibly hard paint, so M100 and M205 were used in the Multi Phase Paint Correction process to remove all swirl marks, causing the metallic flex in the paint to radiate in the sun.

2012 Golf R - San Marino, Ca - Mobile Multi Phase Paint Correction Detail finished with a CQuartz Finest - Removing embedded metal with Iron X. - www.ocdcarcare.com - info@ocdcarcare.com - (949) 427-1191
(A sea of purple metal contaminants flowed down the driveway. These particles were blocking the true shine potential of the paint)

Finally, all painted surfaces were wiped it down twice with a panel prep solution to remove any left over residue from the polishing processes. This ensures the surface is surgically clean for optimal bonding of the protective ceramic paint coating.

After allowing adequate time for the coating to cure, the car was brought back a week later and the first wash was performed and a sacrificial barrier was added for yet another extra layer of protection against the elements. While additional layers of protection are not called for, they go a LONG way in aiding in paint protection and a nice glassy and slick surface that topical contaminants have a hard time adhering to.

2012 Golf R - San Marino, Ca . - Multi Phase Paint Correction M100, M205 &CQuartz Finest- full service mobile detail in los angeles and orance county, ca. - www.ocdcarcare.com - info@ocdcarcare.com - (949) 427-1191
2012 Golf R - San Marino, Ca. Full Paint Correction - Decontamination - Compound- Polish - CQuartz Finest. - www.ocdcarcare.com - info@ocdcarcare.com - (949) 427-1191

OCDCarcare is quite happy to report that the client was elated when he first saw the finished product and we quickly jumped into the car for drive for lunch. This little car BOOKS down the road! We were lucky not to pass any police cars on our much needed late lunch.

Christopher Brown