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Christopher Brown of – San Marino, CA

     This Volkswagen GTI owner is definitely a HARDCORE enthusiast. He has a ’83 GTI as a daily driver since it came out and its still running strong! He contacted OCDCarCare Los Angeles, knowing precisely what he wanted in terms of paint correction & Ceramic Nano Coating. But, what he was most interested in, was discussing the details of the step by step processes involved in beautifying & protecting his new beautiful 2016 VW GTI baby. After an in depth chat, explaining the many steps and processes involved with paint correction and ceramic paint coating in addition to the many benefits of a full wheels off polishing & coating service, he was ready to have his baby shined up and protected!

Suffice it to say, he wanted the best for his newest 21st century go-kart! So he ordered a full pant correction, 2 layers of Ceramic Paint Coating, and a full wheels off coating treatment. In the end, this deep blue metallic paint popped, glossed, and reflected everything in sight.

Sun shows off OCDCarCare Los Angeles Paint Correction on this beautiful 2016 VW GTI.

OCDCarCare Los Angeles shows off gloss reflections on this 2016 VW GTI.
2016 GTI displays paint correction clarity, gloss, and reflectivity after OCDCarCare Los Angeles services.
2016 GTI shows off glassy paint in the sun after OCDCarCare Los Angeles detailing services.

The VW GTI, including the exhaust tips & rear diffuser were polished & Coated with CQuartz Finest.

2016 GTI paint was fully enhanced & protected by OCDCarCare Los Angeles CQuartz Finest Treatment.

As always, here is a quick video capturing the essence of this beauty person. Please check video settings and experience in High Definition!


In all, the client’s excitement and enthusiasm turned out even better than anticipated.. All he wanted to do was drive this beauty through some windy hills and highways nearby.

A week later the owner stated the coating made the car a dream to clean. “Oh and the WHEELS,” he exclaimed, “were so fast and simple to clean with the ceramic coating!” Additionally, the polishing & coating of the wheels enhanced the gold and deepened it ever so slightly (~5%) that the color and improved the contrast between the wheel, tire, and paint color combination. We were humbled by the many kind words and the glowing reviews he posted on vehicle forums and reviews. It makes us happy to fulfill the desires of vehicle owners.

OCDCarCare Los Angeles is always excited to see that first look on each owners face as they take in the spectacle of their newly refinished vehicle. Its why, we do what we do — to make owners happy and more passionate about their vehicles.

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Christopher Brown