Auto Detailing Industry Spotlight: Kevin Brown of

Kevin Brown of instructing at NXT Detailing Training Courses 2014.

by Christopher Brown –

In the Auto Detailing World there are few names that transcend the industry, uniting all professionals and enthusiasts alike. Not many individuals, in any industry, are as skilled in their craft as they are with their words, assistance, and humor. Furthermore, fewer individuals are willing to offer support for an industry as a whole.

In case you’re wondering: he answer is “No.” Kevin Brown and Christopher Brown are not directly related that we know of. Brown is just one of those supper common last names like Jones or Smith. 🙂

Who is Kevin Brown?

If ever a single person possessed the equivalent knowledge of a PhD, surrounding the advanced working knowledge and procedures that make paint clear and glossy, then it is surely Kevin Brown of

He’s spent most of his life around cars learning interesting and creative ways to fix and shine them up. However, Kevin’s greatest skill is that which will surely endure as his lasting legacy to the detailing industry…

His joy, and seemingly endless ability, to impart knowledge to those who seek to improve their minds and skills at detailing.

Kevin Brown of at 2014 SEMA Polishing with the KBM method and Meguiars M205. Santa Maria, Ca.

Kevin Brown’s personal curiosity to know why things work inspired him to formulate endless out-of-the-box hypothesis’ and experiments. These seemingly counter-intuitive combinations of tools and products caused in-depth contemplation and eventual articles.

The results of these ‘experiments’ and articles became many methodologies and procedures which most contemporary detailers accept as today’s standard procedures. His writings on paint residue have revolutionized how detailers, young and old, approach paint polishing. [The KBM – Kevin Brown Method, can be found here]

The time (years) Kevin Brown has dedicated to professional detailers, and to those getting their feet wet, is second to none. His old detailing form posts are stories of lore and his current social media postings on detailer groups are insightful quips of gold. In any medium of communication Kevin always provides illuminating and thought provoking insights.

The NXT Training Course

No matter a person’s skill or experience level, Kevin always communicates in an encouraging manner to hold interesting and insightful conversations. This carries over to anyone, complete novice to seasoned pro, on all detailing related topics.

His passion to teach inspired him to organize what may be the industry’s most advanced training course — NXT. The course is a combination of lecture and hands-on technical skill training. It allows participants to flex their detailing brain and to expand their skills in 4 segments of paint work:

  1.  Hand Sanding,
  2.  Machine Sanding,
  3.  Rotary Polishing,
  4.  DA Polishing.

NXT [iNtense eXtreme Training] has now held six courses [2004, 2005, 2012, 2014, 2015 West & East COAST] since its inception.

From 2014 on, NXT offers a more in depth course, Level 2, which is only available after the foundational course is completed. The advanced course curriculum delves into the deepest details and concepts regarding paint correction. A subject which the industry’s leading professionals already consult Kevin about, on a daily basis.

The NXT training course has such demand and respect that, in 2014, all courses seats sold out in 36hrs after announcement! Detailers signed up sight unseen and flew into the U.S. from all over the world including: Europe, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and South America. This is a true testament of how an entire industry views Kevin Brown’s knowledge and instruction.

Starting in the 2015 course, and perhaps for all future events, NXT will offer a West Coast and East Coast Event. This allows more dates to more individuals over different geographic regions an easier access to training.

Kevin Brown of, Santa Maria, Ca. at Meguiars Thursday Night Open Garage 2011.

A Unique Detailer and Educator, & A Special Individual 

Either directly or indirectly, most any detailer reading this article owes some portion of their detailing knowledge to Kevin Brown. Therefore, bringing some attention to his profound insights and giving nature is only the start to display appreciation for his continual efforts.

I am very fortunate to have met and know Kevin. And even though he is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and well versed detailers in the world; at his core, he is an even better human being. Kevin’s selfless nature and willingness to help others is notorious for burying himself in the weeds of paperwork.

Kevin is a throwback to the post war era, when customer-service-centric small businesses ruled the day. In today’s modern age of turn and burn online purchasing, its almost impossible to find a phone number to speak to a human being.

In contrast, Kevin Brown’s is as much of a “fountain of knowledge hotline,” as it is a destination for purchasing the best products in the industry. He guides buyers to the best tools suited to their ACTUAL needs, not to sales netting him big profits.

As detailers, we are fortunate to have both a seasoned peer and knowledgeable expert answering the Buff Daddy hotline! Kevin always offers superior customer service and maximum value during every interaction, because it is in his blood.

I know I’m not alone in the gratitude I feel for everything Kevin Brown offers the detailing industry. Therefore, I hope some who read this will gladly take some time to privately give Kevin some thanks and appreciation for all that he offers us as people and as detailers.

To quote Derek Bemiss, ” I LOVE MY BUFFDADDY!”

Thank you for all you do Kevin!


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Christopher Brown