17 Local Los Angeles Auto Detailers Pitch in to Shine up “Witchcraft” The Last Functional B-24J WWII Bomber

B-24J Bomber Witchcraft - polished and waxed at The Lyon Air Museum, Dtailing Los Angeles Ca, detailing orange county ca - www.ocdcarcare.com

by Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los AngelesOCDCarCare.com – 10 May 2014

May 8th, 2014 in Santa Ana, Ca.  The day served as a tribute to commemorate a plane’s storied history of defending the liberty and freedom of the United States of America. Therefore, a roster of 17 accomplished local auto detailers donated their efforts to honor the memories of veterans who served their country aboard aircraft during WWII. They paid their respects by polishing and waxing the last remaining flight functional B-24J Liberator bomber in the world– “Witchcraft.”

The History of ‘Witchcraft’ and the Wings of Freedom Tour

Parked at Santa Ana’s Lyon Air Museum, Witchcraft was on a scheduled stop of the Wings of Freedom Tour. The tour spans the country offering a tangible piece of history while educating the public about the sacrifices of veterans during WWII for the USA. Standing next to or inside the plane offers visitors a glimpse at what combat missions felt like over 70 years prior. Additionally, for a fee, the B24J bomber carries a limited number of participants for a 30 minute flight which unforgettably captures the senses.

Witchcraft parked at the Lyon Air Museum on a scheduled stop of the Wings of Freedom Tour. - www.ocdcarcare.com

[Above:] Witchcraft parked at the Lyon Air Museum on a scheduled stop of the Wings of Freedom Tour.


This B-24J was built in 1939 and flew an astounding 130 combat missions [as noted by the 130 bomb tally symbols on the port side fuselage] in WWII and amazingly not a single soldier was ever injured on those assignments.


B-24J Bomber Witchcraft - 130th mission pic from 1945

[Above:] Witchcraft in 1945, shortly after her 130th and final mission.


Witchcraft taxxing during a mission on an airstrip in WWII.

[Above:] Witchcraft taxiing during a mission on an airstrip in WWII.


A Day of Thanks and Celebration: 17 Detailers Help Witchcraft Look her Best Again

Lead by Jose Fernandez of Superior Shine, the crew of detailers polished and protected the entire exterior of the plane. Meguiar’s USA donated all products for the project. Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles was honored to assist in maintaining this last air worthy B-24J Bomber.


Meguiar's donated all of the product and pads for the polishing of Witchcraft. OCDCarCare detailing los angeles ca - www.ocdcarcare.com

[Above:] Meguiar’s donated all of the product and pads for the polishing of Witchcraft.


B-24J Bomber Witchcraft - Joe Fernandez addressing the detailers who volunteered their day to help restore this beauty. - www.ocdcarcare.com

[Above:] Joe Fernandez (of Superior Shine) briefs the detailers before polishing and protecting the B-24J Bomber’s paint.


Fortunately, the weather was accommodating at a pleasant 80 degrees F with a moderate breeze. This crew of 17 local detailers, from the greater Los Angeles Area, took pride in their assigned duties and worked happily.

B24-J Bomber Witchcraft - crew of 17 local detailers hard at work. - www.ocdcarcare.com

[Above:] The crew of 17 detailers hard at work, sprucing up Witchcraft.


Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare polishes the port side wing of Witchcraft. - www.ocdcarcare.com

[Above:] Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles polishes the port side wing.


The starboard side of Witchcraft proudly displays the names of all crew who flew aboard her in WWII. - www.ocdcarcare.com


B-24J Bomber Witchcraft - tail view as the day comes to a close. - www.ocdcarcare.com

In conclusion, everyone enjoyed their time giving back to this piece of flying history. It was definitely the topic of unending “imagine the… ” types of conversations, history reflection, and fun throughout the day. A piece of history was restored to her former glory and those involved felt more connected with their country.

The video below that captures the feel of the day, and all of the collective work from the detailers. The time and effort put into this large plane made all involved happy and thankful.


17 Detailers from Los Angeles & Orange County Donated Their Time

A Big Heartfelt thanks to all of the following detailers who volunteered their time, labor, and equipment to assist in maintaining Witchcraft:

Head Detailer/Organizer – Jose Fernandez – Superior Shine

Jason Rose of Rupes (Meguiar’s at the Time)

Michael Stoops of Meguiar’s

Albert Mojarra Perez – Ultimate Car Detailing OC,

Andrew Williams – San Diego auto shine, San Diego

Art Hernandez – Detailing Art

Bradley Otellio – Proud American

Chris West – Solution Finish

Christopher Brown – OCDCarCare [OCDCarCare.com], Los Angeles, Ca

Christopher Castillo – Castle Tree Photography, Fontucky

Enrique Torres – Blackshield AutoDetail, Orange Ca

Kyle Franko – Bulldog Detail. Apache Junction/Gold Canyon, Az

Luis Rodriguez Rodriguez – Classic Shine, Fullerton

Mario Asenio – Detailing by, Rsm

Nicholas Modrak – Pro Image Detailing Detailing, Cypress, Ca.

Tommy Salazar- One Way Detailing, Hesperia


© Christopher Brown of OCDCarCare Los Angeles– OCDCarCare.com – 2014


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