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The Automotive Paint Thickness Gauge (PTG) is a critical detailing business & paint correction service tool. Discover a PTG’s importance and how it works. Learn how to use it effectively. Understand how a PTG aids auto detailing business: quality, expertise, & profits.

Prevent yourself from burning paint on super thin modern OEM (factory) paint during paint correction. Learn and Understand many aspects of OEM paint, including its many limitations from a paint correction point of view.

Avoid Customer Service Issues & Redoing work or Entire Jobs. Learn five concepts which directly influence the level of heat and paint swell caused by auto detailing paint correction (a.k.a. polishing or buffing).

Ever have paint defects ‘magically return’ after completing a paint correction (polishing) or ceramic coating job? Discover how heat, and other factors from paint correction, have the ability to partially or fully hide defects, instead of removing them.

Ammo NYC Podcast: Larry Kosilla, Kevin Brown, & Christopher Brown discuss Lighting for Auto Detailing Paint Polishing.

Coatings are the best protection for painted surfaces, but they are not bulletproof. Especially when it comes to hard water deposits and porous automotive paint. Learn why automotive ceramic coatings can only help in the fight against hard water spots– NOT PREVENT THEM.

Those ugly vehicle water spots that spoil the look of your freshly washed vehicle (especially dark colors) have the potential to damage automotive surfaces. Learn about water spot formation, removal, & prevention to best protect your vehicle.

Do Print and Video Ads tend to make Ceramic and Graphene Coatings Seem too Good to be True? Learn about the dangers of marketing ceramic coatings with misleading absolute hardness values for both auto detailers and consumers.

Why The Paint Correction Method of: ‘NDA’s’ & Short Cycle Polishing offer the Highest Quality Results and Profits for Professional Detailers.

What is auto detailing paint correction? Learn what paint correction (aka paint polishing or buffing) is, how it works, and how it benefits vehicles. Information designed to help both professional detailers and consumers to promote better dialogue to find the best paint correction for their vehicles.

Learn the SAFEST, Cheapest, Fastest, & most Efficient Waterless Car Wash Technique. Clean Your Vehicle Anywhere!

How to Best Wash and Maintain Automotive Ceramic Nano Coatings for Optimal Longevity & Performance. Learn Why Ceramic Coatings differ from traditional surface protection. 

Understand Why Water Spots Appear After Automotive Paint Coating Application and Learn How to Defeat them.

Learn how the hydrophobic (water behavior) aspects of ceramic nano coatings work. The scientific concepts play a vital role in the protection, performance, & maintenance of ceramic (glass) paint coatings and even sealants and waxes.

Learn an efficient and thorough car wash method to ensure your vehicle gets a deep, yet gentle cleansing.

Learn the answer to, “How often should I wash my Car?” Discover the 5 Dirty Car Factors which help you determine when its car wash time.

Understand why Washing Microfiber Towels is essential to a detailers aresenal and workflow. Learn the Best Microfiber Wash Method to effectively maintain microfiber for all auto detailing needs.

Learn about Common Automotive Detailing Paint Defectss & Issues. Understand how common paint defects are caused, their type, and learn general methods to fix them.

A glimpse into the training style, philosophy, and instructors of Kevin Brown & Meguiar’s NXT Detailing Training. Learn why it’s a respected global course for fundamental & advanced automotive paint refinement.

A collaboration with Scott Nichols of Distinct Detail. A former 1956 Maserati 150S race car was thoroughly prepared to wow the crowd on the Sunday Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance.

Discover the contributions, impact, and legacy Kevin Brown, of, has provided to the auto detailing industry. He has made a career of imparting knowledge, training, and wisdom to individual enthusiasts and professional detaliers alike. 

A group of 17 local southern California detailers donate their time to help detail and preserve a storied war plane’s place in history.

A Master of Show Car Sanding Provides Instruction in a Review of his Processes. 

Understand the importance of lighting for auto detailing paint correction. Learn how the characteristics of light greatly influence paint polishing results.

The last installment in the series discusses how Paint Aptitude ties everything and can lead educated detailers to work more effectively & efficiently.

Considers how the size of a Working Section during paint polishing can affect the entire paint correction process.

Examines into how Arm Speed can play a big role in defect removal.

Investigates how Machine Speed settings play an intricate role in contributing toward correcting paint defects.

Explores how pad cleanliness is vital to creating quality results during compounding and polishing.

Looks at the contribution which Pad Pressure plays during the detailing paint correction process.

This series discusses critical variables which impact the results of machine polishing automotive paint. Part One: Series Introduction and examination of Pad Angle during the detailing paint correction process.

OCDCarCare working on the prestigious Meguiar’s Car Care Team in the Ford booth at SEMA. Follow the experience of preparing and maintaining 50+ vehicles for a week during the worlds biggest automotive trade show. 

Examines the important role of waterless washes and quick detailers in a detailer’s product arsenal.

Microfiber is a vital tool in modern detailing. Learn the composition, construction, and various uses for the common types of microfiber towels in auto detailing and car care.

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